Euroheat SHT Austria Boilers

Specialists in dual fuel systems that can burn both pellets and logs.

Euroheat SHT Boilers

SHT are an innovative manufacturer in the development of environmentally friendly heating systems, specialising in both dual fuel systems that can burn pellets and logs, and pellet only systems.

Euroheat SHT Biomass boilers

Built for Home Heating with Comfort with Outstanding Efficiency and Minimum Effort

The TDA Thermodual 40 is a unique biomass boiler designed to run on both wood logs and wood pellets. The boiler is the only biomass boiler that allows for the efficient and continuous operation of both wood logs and wood pellets, automatically switching between fuels as required.

As a log boiler

The TDA Thermodual 40 is a down firing-split log gasification boiler, utilising a lambda controller to ensure the boiler is always operating at the highest levels of efficiency. Ignition of the logs is automatic, utilising a ceramic ignition element to start their combustion and ensure only a short start-up period until the boiler is at full working temperature. In addition, with this automatic ignition the TDA Thermodual 40 gives you the flexibility of loading the boiler with logs at any time of day, with the boiler only starting up when the heating demands of the property require.

As a pellet boiler

Utilising the same lambda controller, but with a separate pellet combustion chamber, the TDA Thermodual 40 burns pellets optimally and efficiently. Combined with one of the many bulk storage solutions, the TDA Thermodual 40 can run solely as a pellet boiler for months on end.

As a dual fuel boiler

Unique to the market, the TDA Thermodual 40 will switch automatically from burning wood logs to wood pellets, and vice versa. Without the need to need to change grates, air flaps, or boiler settings, the TDA Thermodual 40 is the ultimate in wood log/pellet dual fuel boilers. Wood logs can be added to the boiler at any time – regardless of whether the boiler is already running in pellet mode.

As a heating controller

The controller of the TDA Thermodual 40 is capable of operating two hot water circuits and six heating circuits with weather compensation. By altering the temperature in the heating system according to the outside temperature, weather compensation can significantly improve the efficiency of a heating system - reducing energy usage by as much as 20%. An additional heating circuit controller allows a further two heating circuits, and a hot water cylinder, to be controlled from the TDA.

Standard Features

Fully-automatic ignition for pellets and logs

Automatic operation selection (pellets or logs) without change-over

Automatic self-cleaning grate

Patented multi-flow air-wave system


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