Euroheat HDG Boilers

Economical, clean burn, low consumption pellet boiler systems.

Euroheat HDG Boilers

The advanced combustion technology of HDG pellet biomass boilers are perfectly designed to burn pellets as a fuel, resulting in very low emission values. Extremely high efficiency levels are also achieved through the combustion of this environmentally friendly fuel.

Especially Economical

Optimized combustion technology results in low pellet consumption. An advanced thermostat controls the boiler temperature ensuring that only the required amount of heat is produced.

Absolutely Safe

The HDG Wood Pellet boilers have been subjected to strict in-house and independent safety tests. The cellular wheel sluice reliably prevents back-burn and the escape of low temperature gas. This sluice wheel, combined with an integrated water extinguishing system provides total safety.

Especially Convenient

Features such as automatic transport of the pellets to the combustion chamber, automatic ignition, self activated cleaning and large ash container, combine to provide maximum convenience automatically controlled by the HDG Pelletronic boiler control.

Euroheat HDG biomass boilers

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